At Alfa Romeo of Glenbrook, we know your Alfa Romeo vehicle’s performance is extremely important. Drivers who are looking to enhance their vehicle’s performance may want to consider a new set of tires, which we offer at our Fort Wayne, IN Alfa Romeo dealership. Together, we can help you find the perfect set of tires for your vehicle, so stop by today to learn more!

Many drivers are unaware of the impact a good set of tires can make on your vehicle. Essentially, tires are the foundation of your vehicle’s control, traction, and overall driving experience. To help you find the right set of tires, we’ve highlighted a few key qualities to look for.

  • Load index: This number reflects how much weight your vehicle can safely handle. The higher the number, the more weight your vehicle can stand. This is especially important for drivers who want to haul or tow heavy cargo. 
  • Speed rating: If you’re planning on driving at high speeds, you might want to consider the speed rating of your new tires. Like the load index, this number lets you know the tire’s maximum speed capacity. The higher this number is, the better your vehicle will drive at high speeds.
  • Terrain: Before you choose a set of tires, consider the terrain you’ll be driving on. If you’re likely to drive in snowy weather, you’ll need winter tires. The same goes for drivers in sunny areas, who will need summer tires. If you live somewhere in-between, we recommend all-season tires, which can handle all types of weather.

Don’t settle for low-quality tires; upgrade to tires that can handle your personal driving habits. You can find the best tires for your vehicle at our Alfa Romeo parts center in Fort Wayne, INVisit us soon!