Are you enjoying your Alfa Romeo Stelvio? This impressive car is fun to drive, but just like any vehicle, it needs regular maintenance. In celebration of National Car Care Month, created by The Auto Car Association, April is the perfect time for a checkup at Alfa Romeo of Glenbrook. After a long winter, it only makes sense to bring your car in for some TLC.

With proper care at our Alfa Romeo service center serving the greater Indianapolis area, your vehicle has the proper maintenance it needs to keep running well for years to come. What are some car care areas to consider?

  • Check all fluids, from oil to transmission to windshield wash. Timeframes vary depending on each component, but our trained mechanics are happy to help.
  • Inspect the hoses and belts to ensure there is no cracking or fraying.
  • Have your battery tested and make sure there is no corrosion.
  • Examine the brake system, including linings, rotors, and drums.
  • Test the exhaust system for leaks and/or damage—these can be very dangerous and should be corrected immediately.
  • Give the air conditioning and ventilation a check to ensure you don’t get caught on a hot day with no air.
  • Verify the steering and suspension system are working properly.
  • Take a look at your tires, including the air pressure and tread depth.

These are just a few examples of what to ask about when you talk to our friendly service staff about your Alfa Romeo Stelvio or Alfa Romeo Giulia. Whether you need a quick check of your tires or a complete system inspection, we’re here to help you Monday through Saturday. Contact us today at 260-205-8593 to schedule your appointment today.