As any driver will attest, convenience matters. When you purchase an SUV, there are considerations about features for cargo and storage. SUV drivers are often more likely to take their cars on adventures, so if that’s you, then you expect convenience.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio delivers on this. It’s not just one of the best-looking, high-performance SUVs in its class. At Alfa Romeo of Glenbrook, you can purchase a new Alfa Romeo Stelvio and add the convenience package. Here’s an introduction to what it offers.

First, you’ll appreciate the 115-volt auxiliary power outlet in the convenience package. If you plan to take your Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV camping or off-roading, you’ll be glad to have the power outlet to help you stay a little bit in civilization.

The cargo system in the rear of the SUV is flexible and agile depending on your needs. It has a cargo compartment adjustable rail system. Two parallel rows line the rear with movable clips that can then attached to a cargo net. Whether you are carrying a few suitcases or have more fragile packages, this cargo system can quickly adapt to your needs.

You can also adjust how much cargo room you have. With the rear seats upright, the cargo space is 18.5 cubic feet. When you lower the rear seats, you can enjoy 56.5 cubic feet. This extra room will come in handy if you have more gear to carry. The power liftgate is standard with a hands-free liftgate optional.

There are several other storage areas in the car, as noted by Car and Driver, which called them “useful storage tricks up its Italian sleeve.”

You can see all these interior features when you visit your local Fort Wayne, Indiana Alfa Romeo dealership. Come check out our inventory today.